10 Beginner Snowboarding Hacks

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10 beginner snowboard hacks to help make your first day of riding run smoother. A hack is basically an easy solution to a common problem. I learned these hacks as beginner snowboarder and they helped to make my day on the mountain better. If you have any questions or snowboard hacks of your own it would be great to hear abut them in the comments.

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  1. I've stopped caring about getting as many runs as possible. I just care about getting quality runs. Too much pressure for me. I also like getting a chilled lunch not rushing. Maybe I'm getting old. I guess I'm there for the people lol

  2. On my school trip, all of my binding sets once or twice broke. So left toe, left heel, right toe, right heel, the thing where you can loose the binding broke and the screw inside of the system was loose, they repared themselfs automatically. I don't know how.

  3. Hand warmers!!! It seems like common sense but they're such a small detail and are easy to forget but they honestly make a huge difference for me! Especially if the lift rides are really long, it feels great to be able to squeeze the handwarmer you've got in your mittens! And a pack of hothands is like a couple bucks and they last for hours

  4. Hacks for getting off the chairlift for beginners:
    1) depending on your stance sit either on far left or right side of the chairlift so when you come off the lift you're steering with your heel edge to go to the side, not across, the lift
    2) when its time to get off the lift have your back foot positioned well against your back binding
    3) when you've pushed off the lift DO NOT lean forward due to momentum, lean very slightly back and keep your board straight
    4) if needed go on your heel edge (or slightly stick your heel off the heel edge of the board for better speed control) and move to the side of the chair lift and out of peoples way

  5. excuse me, real hack coming through.
    with the boa system you may get a sore foot rather quickly on the track if the boot is still brand new. key is to wind the side nob just so it's not loose. then pull the liner tongue up and away from your leg as you're tightening the front nob. this way the liner tongue won't press against your foot, but against your ankle.
    hey I'm generous today, here's another one.
    use ski clothing when snowboarding as a beginner. your falls WILL feel a lot less painful.

  6. I’ve had boa boots break on the hill before, and Ive found that if you keep some ziptys in your pocket, they will help for a quick fix. Also I’ve helped others with this as well, and they became my best friend 😉 but now I only use lace boots, which have also broke on me on the hill but the good thing there is you can just tie them back together. Hope this helps 🙂


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