10 Easiest Mini Ramp Skateboarding Tricks (Tutorials)

10 Easy Skateboarding Tricks on a Half Pipe / Quarter Pipe (Tutorials) / How to do the 10 Easiest Skate Tricks on a Mini Ramp – Easy tricks for beginners to learn when they first start skating transition.

Before you start learning these, make sure you have the basics down (pushing, doing kickturns, and dropping in). I have a video on that topic here: https://youtu.be/AnzaXRJm9fs

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The Trick List
1. Frontside Slash Grind
2. Rock to Fakie (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/pUtYR-K1UP0)
3. Fakie Tail Stall (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/Od9aCe1lD9U)
4. Backside Rock n’ Roll (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/WIsJM8v01uI)
5. Fakie Nose Bonk
6. Backside Axle Stall (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/les2X8jaqhU)
7. Fakie 360 Pivot
8. Half Cab Rock / Fakie Pivot (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/o7-K-EQQ5U8)
9. Fakie Disaster / Fakie Pop (Tutorial: https://youtu.be/-w4i8RJFKRQ)
10. Fly Out

If you want to watch all of the available complete tutorials in a playlist, you can use this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMn9MaUMTiU17Io8hnswf8_uPHrX4Fl40

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Intro Music: ZEST – You. & Me?


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  1. Your page is really helpful for beginners. A lot of theses things i had never thought about. I am 27 but i started at 15. Day one i learned ollie riding and was hooked. The best advice i think you need to continue to include in videos is
    1. Asking better skaters advice
    2. Having friends you skate with.

    "to not be afraid to ask older or better skaters because most of them are going to give you some advice. i remember asking this dude that i would see at the park a lot skating who had a great style to what he did and i cant remember exactly what i asked him but he answered and said 'by the way you nollie flip like mark appleyard' ill never forget that because here i am 16 thinking i am nothing special yet someone who was a great skater was actually paying attention to me some made me feel great.(i cant lie i knew i had a sick nollie flip haha) But also stressing the importance of having friends you skate with! My friends and i pushed each other continuously with games of SKATE and just in general…basically as soon as one of us got a trick the other wasn't far behind because nobody wants to lose SKATE so even if it is something out of your comfort zone having that competitive drive will take you out of your comfort zone much easier and show you there are things you never thought you could do."


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