10 Most Powerful Dog Breeds In The World

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  1. Worldwide, men hav e proven to be dangherous violen t criminals capable of great am ounts of violen t crime an violent rapist murderers Ted Bundy and Faryion Wardrip prove. Mass murdererts , Green River killer, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, Night Stalker Jeffrey Dahmer, WWI mass murderers Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Dr Josepf Mengele, Irma Griese, and all the Nazi war criminals in concentration camps working for Hitler prove this. By far, Adult men have proven to be more dangerous and deadly than Pit Bulls. Remember that before trash talking Pit Bulls. Harriet Seibert PS The Pit bull has proven its value as a kind and gentle nanny dog for babies and children. PPS to stop dog and person violent attacks on people and animals, both dogs andhumans need to be properly socialized to prepare them to live peacefully and kindly with people and animals. Human criminals like the people I've mentioned are examples of what happens when humans don't get that socialization.

  2. I had a 90 lb female Alaskan Malamute for 17 years. She was a house dog, lived with me in an apartment for several years and never destroyed anything. I did take her for a 2 mile walk and a 2 mile bike ride daily.

  3. It’s not only the strength of the bite or the size. It’s the agility and more.
    My favourite dog is the Akita (from Japan). I’m with them for years.
    But the American one is without a doubt the best “fighting” dog – ONLY IF NECESSARY!!! LAST RESORT!

  4. there is 1 dog You fogot Sir, A dog I known my Whole Life, As a new born baby, the dog Dobermann, Is actuly stronger than a pitbull I know this because My mothers old dog Deff me when the pitbull attak me and my mother's Dog Almost choke it to death, The name of My mother's old dog was Thor shes also very well known In the most of the world,

  5. What a dream it would be raising a Dogo Argentino, German Shepherd and a Kangal together to fight predetors.
    One is the smartest one good at athletics and one Allrounder with a deadly bite force. Ofc. all of them are lethal one more than the other.

  6. Your a dumb fucker aren’t you so the pit bull was bread to get in the rings with bulls. Bread Small an stocky, low the the ground so the wouldn’t get kicked by the bulls. And the dogo Argentinian is mor like the bull mastiff because it is.

  7. English Bulldogs can be strong fuckers, sure, but I don’t know about being “powerful” and more. Those poor goddamn mutants HAVE to be delivered via Cesarean, as the females are now incapable of giving birth. They’d die, MaMa would die. They’re born struggling for air and will until they die. Not to mention the eye, the ear, the skin, the joints, the teeth. Better save a good $10,000 up before getting an English bulldog.
    It’s chronic issues from day one.

    (And don’t get one from a breeder, get one from a rescue. So many are turned in all the time. Definitely rescue one. But only if you can afford the Rx diets and medications and regular vet visits plus wiping their ropes daily and ears weekly. And the NAILS…)

  8. What he saying of a bulldog that's not true the first dog that was doing that was a pitbull a pitbull stands for pit bull stands for bullfighting also it's tense for dog fighting but pitbulls are mainly used in Mexico and fight in or kill bulls America there used for dog fighting long time ago where public I wasn't on my mom wasn't where my grandpa wasn't born America was used for bad people they used to send boats ships over there but trapped with bad people and send them to America that's how America was made

  9. A pitbull or a American pitbull can kill a Alaskan Mountain don't forget to put a pitbull on the list a pitbull is one of the strongest but this is kind of funny I'm laughing my face off cuz it looks like you said the strongest dog in the world I mean top 10 most strongest dogs but like they're mostly Sheepdogs in the list

  10. Joke list, here is the real list, in terms of power/strength/size:

    1. Aksaray Malaklisi Dog, many dont know this one and confuse it with the Kangal as they look similar… this is a Turkish Mastiff not to be confused with Kangal, they look similar but Aksaray's were selectively bred to grow bigger/more powerful/better in every single way, its like a Kangal on steroid's, all of those largest "Kangal" dog pics you have seen are actually AKSARAY dogs.
    2. Bully Kutta (its like a Giant Pitbull Terrier on steroids)
    3. Tibetan Mastiff
    4. Kangal aka. Anatolian Shepherd.
    5. Ovcharka
    6. English Mastiff
    7. Tosa Inu
    8. Boerboel
    9. st Bernard
    10. Dogue De Bordeux, Cane Corso, Neo, Presa Canario, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler.

  11. Cool video. I did find it strange to give a value to the furniture destroyed by a dog. What does the value have to do with anything. It doesn't tell you how much furniture or how strong or what it was made of. It is only a value usually based on marketing and branding. Ok, I am critical. Don't take it the wrong way. Take it for what it is, meant to stimulate thinking. Keep making these good videos.


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