10 Things Beginner Snowboarders Should Avoid

This is a list Iv made of the 10 things you should avoid on the mountain for beginner snowboarders! These are just things iv seen people do on the slope that might be concerned dangerous for you and others around ya! If I missed out on anything feel free to leave it in the description! Anyway! The rest of the day was sick! Got some Go Pro runs in! Relearned frontside 720s and backside blunt 270 out! So I’m super happy about that! Hope you guys enjoyed the video or found it helpful in anyway! I make snowboard videos everyday so hope you decide to join me tomorrow as well! Yeeeeww! Thanks for watching homies!

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  1. And number 10 omg….. I’m a terrain park ranger and there is NO BIGGER PISS OFF than seeing like 5 kids in a group come through my park and side hit the shit out of all the rail take-offs! It just makes more work for the guy who has to shape everything!


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