11 Causes of Stress in Cats

Do you think your cat may be suffering from stress or anxiety? Do they feel particularly
nervous, even when not going on a vet visit? Have you have a particular change in routine
they have not responded to well? Does their stress seem to come from nowhere? You
should know there are many causes of stress and anxiety in cats. For this reason,
AnimalWised brings you this video of 11 common causes of stress in cats. In doing so, you
might be able to help your feline friend relax a little better.

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Comment (24)

  1. My boy lived in a basement for one year ALONE !! Never socialized
    When he came to live with me he was one year old and 18 lbs. We live in an upstairs apartment. The Tennants down stairs make ALOT of noise !! We can hear everything they do, like walking. They walk hard like a herd of elephants. They scratch their chairs across the kitchen floor. ( that is just a few examples. They also love to slam every door ) My boy is so nervous, if he sits on my chair with me and I should move my floor, it scares him to death. I have never seen a kitty like him and I had 13 kitties living in a house that were nothing like him. I got another cat thinking he would like a kitty to play with.. This kitty was 5 years old and also lived in a basement for 4 years. He was a little socialized. My boy was so jealous of him. It has been two years and he has come a long way but the jealousy and still overly nervouse. I tried Feliway but it didn't help. When someome comes over he runs and hides. His Vet will not give him medicine for that she says they all affect his liver. Something has to be done.
    I know the traffic and noise from downstairs is a major problem. Does anyone have help for him or can tell me how to help him???
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you so much !!!

  2. We got a new kitten and it's caused my cat to not eat in almost 2 days. No matter what we do, he won't eat. He even puked up blood once! My mom refuses to do anything else and will get rid of the kitten if he's not over himself in a few days. I love the kitten dearly and don't know what to do about our cat 🙁

  3. BIG QUESTION! WHAT BREED IS THE KITTEN AT THE END OF THE VIDEO? I just got a kitten that looks just like the one at the end and I’ve been wondering what breed he is! thanks

  4. I got my cat into some light weight training back in Nov and now he puts up 300lb like nothing. Other day we tried 355 and I heard a loud distress meow and me and the spotters went ahead and racked it, a quick trip to the vet and some ice now kitty is all better. It's not thst hard to train them once the weight is unracked the cat will always push away the weight to prevent from being crushed and go pros dot com sells the thinner bars so they can grip them. Fuck


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