12 Minutes of Police Chase Getaways | Cops Vs Dirtbikes

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  1. Cops almost caught me once because I race and they new where I live. Chased me on dr650 an on my 250 rm LMFAO roosted the shit outem. Seem like if had an extra gear be ok on the RM! I don't like taunt them they can kill u an get away with it! Stop one time in rain! Got big ole ticket! On my endro to after that… Brap!

  2. TRAIL BIKES U only Live once 🥵 that 1 day a car or truck maybe a kid hits you when you dont look
    watched a 👮‍♀️cop in a NZ video he asked her for her licence 👮‍♀️woman what licence 🤷‍♂️ what ? ain't had 1 for 27 years and was driving all the time
    fook cop laughs so hard 👍 if i drove for 1 day i bet i be pinched its fooked up karma


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