$15 Goggles Vs. $200 Snowboard Goggles

Yesterday I decided to do something Iv been wanting to do for a while now! and that ofcourse was… buy the cheapest most nasty Snowboard goggles I could find! I ended up getting some for $15 from a petrol station! Today we find out if the $15 petrol station Snowboard goggles are really much worse that expensive goggles! (Dragon NFXs)
Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Thanks so Bo for helping out! you the man, man! hahahah! make sure to drop a phat like for ya boi! and come back tomorrow for another fresh video cause I make these everyday! 😀

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  1. I got goggles with a tiny fan and they work great keeping the condensation from forming on the lens. However, the electrical contacts are finicky and had to fiddle with them more than once. Also, the higher speed option quit working but it is fine. Got them for $60 from a rep but retail for more than $200.


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