1969 Cadillac DeVille Coupe Convertible: Regular Car Reviews

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  1. If I ever become independently wealthy, I WILL (not might) own an immaculately restored 68-72 Coupe De Ville with modern suspension, brakes, AC, stereo, etc. and a 12V Cummins and a stout 5- or 6-speed stick and cruise control for a road trip car.

  2. Love when today's Millennial poke fun of cars of yore. Then again in the next 50 years, your cars will be the mockery of the town even smelling like a Cessna of this day! Worse of all you will be the laugh of the day, ha' those "city boys driving these battery powered toys?"

  3. I don't remember too many of these in drop tops, but there were a lot of this vintage in 4 door still rolling when I was a kid. This was when a Caddy looked like nothing else. Conspicuous consumption has never been my thing, but if you wanted opulence, this was the peak.

  4. I had a '70 Coupe deVille. White leather living room on wheels. Got anywhere from 6-13 mpg, usually about 10-11. Was awesome driving that until the UPS truck rolled down the hill backwards and pushed it about 20 ft.

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