1991 BMW 850i V12: Regular Car Reviews

We drive and review the very pricey grand-tourer 1991 BMW 850i V12. It look like a 3rd gen Toyota Supra Merch: Hats: …

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  1. The ideal GT cruiser would be an 850 CSI with a 6-speed manual, some lower gears in the differential say 3.64:1’s with a limited slip. A CD of Johann Pachebel’s Canon in “D” softly playing and Kathy Ireland sitting beside you. It doesn’t get any better!

  2. Never understood this. Why would you want the 850i, when the 850CSi is more fun and barely more expensive? I get the point about it being more rare, but it's not even that much rare, a lot of them are being sold in Germany. And lets be real, the person buying a 850i don't just buy it randomly, it's something they've been looking for, so importing shouldn't be a problem. I literally can't comprehend why anyone willing to use this much money on a unreliable 90's car, refuse to pay a little more and get the "ultimate" version.
    This obviously a question for us Europeans, since this is where the CSi was originally sold.

  3. I was working at a BMW dealer in 1996, and though I thought it was a cool car, I was taken aback by seeing one in the shop and realizing that even their top of the line car still had MacPherson struts.

  4. My dad owns a bmw850csi he bought it 30.000 euro from a friend it goes 300km/h its so cool i love its a rare car my dad told me the older it becomes the more expensive gets

  5. Another one of my dream cars . I remember 5 years ago when you could get one for half of what they are now..lol like a lot of the cars I liked and hoped to get rather than depreciate they appreciated


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