1993 Honda Prelude Si VTEC: Regular Car Reviews

The 4th generation Honda Prelude is my favorite Prelude. This one is in rough shape but it’s still very fun to drive! Merch: Hats: …

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  1. This is one of my favorite videos. I love the 4th gen and have owned 3 and am currently driving one. To truly appreciate this car, you just have to drive it: the dashboard has a retro futuristic feel and just takes you back to the 90s, the seats keep you snug, and once you engage the VTEC you will know…

  2. I have been into Hondas for roughly 10 years now and it sounds harsh but I mean zero harm when I say: This is that one car that I would only buy if I got a great deal, and really don’t care if I ever own one or not.

  3. 197hp at 6k is actually pretty good. My 2000 vr6 gti makes something like 180hp at 5k with more weight. That being said the vr6 hits torque way lower in the rev range and if I threw a thurbski on it it's more than capable of making 500+ hp. At the end of the day, if you want a fast car it doesnt matter how much hp it comes with from the factory, what matters is how strong that motor is from the factory and how much boost its willing to take without blowing up. If that's something important to you, buy a br6

  4. So as a kid my dad would play GT4 and I’d watch. He would drive some weird Honda thing that my aunt and mom had both owned. It was a BB4 Prelude. A few years later I started playing the game and finally grew to accept the BB4’s styling. I always loved the BB6 though. And then last year my brother got an 05 accord k24 auto as his first car. I took the car on a bunch of road trips and it made me want to sell my Jeep for a VTEC 4cyl, light, Honda coupe. I’d never really felt any way about a Honda before then. I searched all summer for a BB4 which had by then surpassed the BB6 for me, however I couldn’t find one worth owning. My parents insisted that while preludes are great cars, I shouldn’t be driving a 25 year old tuner car as a daily. So when I sold my Jeep, I bought a brand new Civic Si and love it. Well now over this quarantine I’ve started playing GT1. And bought a ‘94 Prelude Si VTEC. And thought of this video. Here I am. I’ll own one some day.

  5. I owned a 1988 Honda Prelude stickshift, I've test driven the 1992 Honda Prelude stickshift. I've always hated the 1992's giant air bag with the tiny horn buttons that I'm supposed to be able to find to avoid an accident.

  6. My dad had a red Prelude for most of my childhood. That car means a lot to me. I rode in the back seat up until I was 14 years old (that's a reality check for all you new parents who have ONE kid and feel compelled to buy a Durango). Like you, I bought a prelude in Gran Turismo and raced it until the Skylines were leaving me in the dust. I really appreciate that you took this video seriously and didn't say "hot dicks" a hundred time in a row. You can actually make good content when you want to.


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