2002 Nissan Primera POV Drive: Regular Car Reviews

A Nissan Primera from Mr. Regular’s Queenstown, New Zealand car meet. Merch: Hats: https://motoloot.com/products/regularcarreviews-bucket-hat Keytags …

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  1. These were sold in the UK, I remember these coming out, and I remember the interior being SO damn advanced compared to anything European. (But then again, it was a european designed car, or it might have been designed for europe or something)

  2. we got this in europe what a shitcar gets writen off and totaled by mechanical problems even tho its just 15 years old when 25 y/o nissans stil roll strong

  3. I love how everyone is commenting on the thumbnail (he acknowledged the goof on Twitter) and ignoring the fact that Mr. Regular said his real name for once.

  4. Oh, that's just a window motor failure, I've had one that went down a bit and quit until something reset as well, just order the entire motor and arm thing together and swap it out, its easy. Doesn't cost much, and just painters tape the window in place a bunch before removing the mechanism so you don't have to bother taking it all out and fitting the glass back in.

  5. Nice interior, but awful exterior styling. Looks like some Renault.
    Almost bought one of these, but still went with Mazda 6

    The 1.8L Primera engine is hugely unreliable as well, unlike 1.8L (MZR L8) from Mazda.

  6. Compared to everything else from the same period, these have completely disappeared from the road a long time ago even when they were very popular new. It's more likely to see an older generation Primera.

  7. So this is basically a non-shitty Altima wagon from what I can tell. No garbage CVT trans, fun to hoon on engine that doesn't use oil/blow up like 4 cylinder USDM Altimas.


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