2018 Toyota Rush 1.5 G AT (Car Fit Review)

Does the 2018 Toyota Rush fits your lifestyle? Check out another perspective on the 2018 Toyota Rush! Let Boom Gonzalez guide you through another segment …

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  1. Very helpful and informative review! True, it all depends on the preference and driving attitude of the owner… I like the Rush for its high ground clearance, the advance safety features, spaciousness, sporty modern look and gadgets… fuel consumption depends as with every other car on driver’s style, for sure aggressive driving will be fuel inefficient. Conservative and wise driving yield acceptable numbers 16 kms/liter highway run (50-100 kph range, depending on the terrain, zigzag climb and downhill, flat straight roads) and 10 kms/liter city drive (light-moderate traffic, at 20-50 kph range). Wigo and Vios rides smoother, but theirs is an entirely different type of suspension… as mentioned in the review the ride is very acceptable on city driving. 😊👍 Thanks thanks!

  2. I really hate that toyota always have the design leather-like hard plastic. Now that they colored it white is a total disappointment.

    I know we dont need speed or a faster car but for a seven-seater car with 1.5L engine is underpowered. Imagine the weight the car would be carrying if all seats are occupied plus loaded boot space at the back.


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