2019 Audi Q7 review – the ultimate all-round SUV? | What Car?

The brilliant Audi Q7 has had a light engine refresh – watch our video to find out all about the new changes across the entire range, and discover if it is still one of …

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  1. I’ve owned a X5 and gle Benz I just test drove the Q7 today and all I can say is wow amazing drove better than both of my other Germany suvs and my trucks are 2017 and loaded but the Audi drove way better hands down I never thought I would buy a Audi I’m really impressed

  2. Always hated Audi. Not the vehicle but the after sales experience. The looks as well as it kept deteriorating with the switch to big grills. I really don’t understand what is so great looking with the big grills. But now the Q7 starts to look good after seeing the BMW X7 video. Looking at the front of the X7 is eye bleeding torture.

  3. Didn't watch it yet but I can share my experience having Audi Q7 Premium Plus 2019. Car tag $74000. Got with discount but still very pricy. I have it for more than 3 month already. Mostly drive in NYC, one trip to Lake Placid (Upstate 390 miles in winter condition) 
    1. Design. Thats what moved me on this purchase ( don't make my mistake its deceiving to buy a car based on how it looks. Take test drive first and don't listen bloggers. You should care less what they saying on a video)
    2. Gas milage. (great on highway, not good in the city) I spend a little less than half of the tank for one way trip to Lake Placid from NY 390 ml. Fantastic saving! In a city it eats gas like any other car about 15 ml per gallon, not very impressive.
    3. Tech package . I think its best in auto industry. (I have MB S 560 2019 , its not even close to it)
    4. Road handling's in any condition – great. All wheel drive does a great job.
    5. Climate control – great. Simple way designed and works fine. (better than MB S 560 with their stupid electronic on menu control again)
    1. Ergonomic euro style is not working well. Lack of space inside the car. No elbow compartment(replaced with wireless charger). No glass compartment, simply lack of compartments to place your belongings.
    2. Trunk space small. I reclined more second raw seats for more pleasant drive and trunk has shrank. No compartments in trunk! (its occupied with subwoofer )
    3. No tire pressure monitor in a car! ( I guess when its blow up you ll be notified on the screen " …Ops") Believe me, "run flat" tires blow up very well as regular one. The difference is that you can't fix it and have to buy new one for a crazy price. Oh, yes, no spare tire in trunk to replace it. You also may have trouble to find a clock on screen. Its very tiny and well hidden.
    4. Drive. Transmission terrible. Delay on lower speed transmission creates jerking effect in a city drive. I call it "rabbit run" special when you trying to save gas on Auto shut mode. Transmission and engine is not synchronized in this case.
    5. shocks absorbers too firm. ( if you drive in the city it will be like horseback riding, on highway its fine)

    Im looking forward to get rid of this car as soon as it will be possible. Buying a car only by how it looks is not working. Quality of ride in a city terrible and you will feel every road imperfection. For this money you can consider MB450 GLS or QX80 ( but you have to compromised a terrible gas milage on Infinity and last century dashboard).
    TEST DRIVE before buying the car 

    Suggestion to Manufacture:
    If you want to be this car "Luxury family SUV" as you claimed on commercials, make some changes. You Can't be everything for everybody and every age drivers : Sport car, SUV and Luxury family truck at the same time:
    1. Change transmission ( even if you claim its best in a market) Its doesn't work with this engine. Make something more equal to MB GLS 450 with more speeds or CVT, for smooth transition. Adjust "A" mode its create jerking effect with and total missed balance between engine and transmission.
    2 Change shocks absorbers for more advance smooth technologies.
    3. For this price you can do better seats leather quality and remove from doors and dashboards cheap plastic. Remove unwanted options and make normal compartments in a cabine
    4. Make a bigger size of trunk without compromising space for passengers. Yes, I mean extend the car to the size of MB GLS 450. May be a little less.
    5. Leave spare tire in the trunk. Run Flat tires just money making way for manufactures. In my previous MB s550 model 2017 I had sport package with sport tires. Lost 6 tires on NY roads during 2 years lease. Each tire $550. Its ok, but when you got flat tire and off road at night in a trip in a middle of nowhere – you are in a trouble . Specially on Hollidays , when waiting line for a road assistance hours and hours ( in my case was 5 hours) Spare tire must be in a car!!! Otherwise I call this car not perfectly safe.

    Best of Luck with new models

  4. Why do you keep talking about the Land Rover Discovery? The Disco is not the competition. It used to be but the new LRJ products are now the Q7's competition. This shows that you do not know the marketplace.


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