2019 Baja 1000 Robby Gordon Race Recap

2019 Baja 1000 Robby Gordon / Team SPEED race recap. #robbygordon #baja1000 #motorsports.

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  1. Переведите!!!!!! Друзья! Я вам завидую!!! Я хочу к вам!!! Чуваки!!! Плачу!!! Пусть они воюют сколько влезет…! Всех обнимаю! Друзья!!!

  2. Every time I see Robby Gordon racing anything I am reminded of some old dude I was sitting with in Matomi Wash, MX, and he said, "there goes Gordon…. He's gonna either be checkers or wreckers."

  3. Cuando era chico me salía de la secundaria para buscar póster y que me lo firmara robby y ahora me salgo del trabajo para hacer lo mismo en baja el off road es parte de la cultura excelente video

  4. Got to say Robbie is an off-road legend in my heart. His family's history speaks for itself. He may seem aggressive to some, but, rubbing is racing 🙂 keep the rubber down Robbie!

  5. Codriver swap kinda strange. Lil geiser gets out.. takes his suit off for another "banded codriver" you'd think a banded backup codriver would have his suit with him…. interesting

    Then stop 30 miles from the finish and put lil geiser back in… interesting

  6. Robby Gordon "The Legend “ , it’s always exiting watching this Race with all this Super stars on this category. Keep up the good work Robby, you’re name it’s already "Huge” !!!! 🏆🏆🏆


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