2019 Kia Picanto review – can it beat a Hyundai i10? | What Car?

City cars may be cheap to buy, but that doesn’t mean we’re willing to compromise on performance, running costs and interior space. So does the Picanto prove …

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  1. beware kias are shit, the 7 year warranty is shit, I bought a 2016 kia cerato automatic from kia blacktown nsw australia. withing a few days I noticed the automatic transmission was not working properly, the gears would not change when needed or would slip, going uphill is disgusting, the media unit (stereo, screen) switched itself off often or the volume would just disappear and the only way to fix that was to switch the car off. I took the car back and they replaced the media unit, a mechanic called gary did something to the automatic transmission. I drove away but the same thing happened again, I took it back, again they replaced the media unit but when it came to the automatic transmission gary the mechanic said and I quote: it is a well known problem with ceratos and sportages, kia is working on a fix. I went away and the media unit again failed, I went to kia penrith, and they saw the problem, they asked for a new unit but a company called matrix said no, we are going to work on a fix. I waited months and months and nothing, I wrote and called kia head office at macquarie park. I called and wrote again only to speak to a man called tony who lied to me over and over, he said I will investigate and will call you back, he never called me back so I went there, I could see his annoyance, spend a few hours there. now I will be going to fair trading. the service manager at kia blacktown is such a vile creature that he threatened me with the police only because I asked for my car to be fixed. a recalcitrant creature who nearly came to blows. disgusting creature from hell.

  2. Kia 3 does not have climate control just air con =. No CD player either, all digital streaming. Bad emission. If only Rebecca had gone to the toilet before hand it would have been more watchable, no squirming  and that flat uninterested vocal tone is soul destroying.

  3. i am 6feet 5 and an obese 140kg, i have to squeeze into a picanto 2018 model and wrap around claustrophobia inside compared with the i10 lots headroom and easy to get in and out off was motivated to look at kia because of scrappage offer but its no use if the car doesn't measure up


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