2019 Microsoft Surface Family Impressions!

Hands-on first look at the new: Surface Pro X. Surface Laptop 3. Surface Pro 7. Custom silicon. Ryzen Editions. USB-C. There’s a lot to talk about!
Hands-on with the folding devices: https://youtu.be/omyZvH7aMtg

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  1. windows 10 with a touch device is a joke. hasn't recieved an update since win10 release. windows 8.1 was better for a touch computer. it's crazy to think windows produces a touch device and doesn't update and improve it's OS

  2. Just to say… I work in IT support and will never have a Surface as a daily driver. I have seen more issues with Surface products that are completely un-explainable than any other portable solution. External displays won't work, have no idea why. Sound won't work in an online meeting (Zoom, Skype, Teams, ect), no idea why. Wifi won't connect to the company wifi even though no one else on laptops or Android or iPhones are having an issue, no idea why. I made formal requests with Fortune 10 companies in the US to not use Surface products because of issues like this. Completely unique to the Surface. I pushed the company to go with buying things like LG Gram or other super light-weight products instead of the Surface when the exec's wanted a light and simple solution.

  3. In my opinion, the only thing that windows tablets need is a competitive app store. They’ve design and technology in their favor. BUTTTTTT PLSSS UPDATE THE APP STORE….


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