2019 Tesla Model 3 review – the world's best electric car? | What Car?

In our 2019 Tesla Model 3 review, we drive one of the most hotly anticipated new cars in recent years. We’ve spent two days putting it to the test in Europe to find …

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  1. From what I have seen , most experienced driver's want a car that ticks all the boxes . Can someone tell me how I am supposed to fit all my family luggage in the boot of this vehicle ? and I'll buy one , or am I missing something ? . The" RANGE "as most claim to be the most important thing , is unimportant as if the distance to be travelled is more than 200 miles , we get on a plane .

  2. I think this car should be legal on the UK roads you should be looking where you're going and not at a screen, it's as dangerous and distracting as using your mobile phone and that is and most definitely illegal.

  3. Sorry but when I buy a new car I want to drive it.Also I had to be in total control behind the wheel this is dangerous.Peole have already been killed in this car having it on auto pilot.Stop being fucking lazy people

  4. Hmm here’s the thing what’s stopping me from buying an ev, I’m more of a estate fan as I need the boot SUV and cross overs seem pointless not much room for rear passenger and the size of the car versus our uk parking space are getting smaller. 2 as I have a Diesel car and live out side of London I don’t need to pay the tox charge untill next year which leads me nicely into the London mayor election will the tox charge be scrapped or will it become really expensive. 3 should I buy an ev plug in or hybrid or lease. Leasing very popular in USA. Untill UK gets briext done and a new government is in place I think we should wait let other manufacturers get their cars out for 2019/2020

  5. Did I understand the Model 3 uses a different connector to the Model S or X? That's news to me, I didn't know that. I thought it used the same connector. Maybe in Eiurope it uses a different connector. I'm not sure if the Australian model uses the same connector or a different one.

  6. I heard that they made the seats better. Do you know if that is the new version of the seat? Thank you very much! I have watched a lot of Model 3 videos but yours is the best. Nuts and bolts of how to operate. 😀

  7. Thank you Tesla for putting your money where your mouth is. Instead of moaning about Climate Change you did something about it.And made it cool. Next you must make an affordable one.

  8. £50,000 forget it, I've been driving for 11 years and spent about £7,300 including repairs. Only the rich can afford these types of car's long way to go before regular people can afford one.

  9. All Tesla series with wider rear track than front track bodyworks all : the lowest traction 0.7g, extreme tail flick, extreme slide on circuits by use F1 speed 160 km/hr to top speed.

    End report.

    Tesla all databases


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