2020 MacBook Air Impressions: A Clean Refresh!

The new MacBook Air! What a time to be alive… and releasing new products.

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  1. 5:10 $999 turns 1199 euro in Europe. But even for 999 it's uncomfortably expensive ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU COMPARE IT WITH OTHER LAPTOPS. Come on you can almost buy MBP13 and you can definitely buy a quad-core with graphics (and a sleek one, too) if you can bear with Windows.

  2. $1000 for a low power dual core core i3 processor is absolutely unacceptable, even for Apple. there's a Dell laptop with a ryzen 3, Vega 8 graphics, and 8gb of ram that would blast the MacBook air out of the water and it's literally half the price. absolutely ridiculous

  3. Dang, I skipped the Air because of its 2008-esq dual-core (I literally had a quad core in my laptop in 2009).
    Now it's at least worth considering.

  4. 80% this 25% that. Jesus stfu with these percentages if you nor apple can’t prove it.
    Again, same product same design different year new release. How greedy can all these companies get?

  5. Price is not real.
    MacBook Air – 999$
    MacBook Pro 13' – 1200$
    MacBook Pro 16' – 2399$
    For 2399$ you can buy High End Laptop or PC and it's gonna be 100 better than MBP 16'
    For 1200$ you can buy better Laptop or PC
    For 999$ you can buy better Laptop or PC
    MacBooks are really overpriced…

  6. Hey guys, so I've had corona for a few weeks now and I feel a bit different, for any of you who want to bump it up a bit you can get a dbrand skin, it's on their website and it's called 'isolation'.


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