2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 S review | Better than an Audi RS3? | Autocar

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S has an unusual mix of skills: a five-door family hatchback with 415bhp and an all-new ‘drift mode’. Matt Prior went to Spain to find out …

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  1. What a sad grandpa's car: bumpy ride even in comfort, fake drift mode, shiny plastics, reflective instruments cluster without lid, ridiculous turbo badges and aero kit, shiny wheel and loud speakered engine noise inside, quiet outside that would certainly please that baby that used to make wroom wroom when cars were passing by 70 years ago.

    We accept bids on how long (in seconds) the standard brakes are going to last or the engine for that matter when given the beans… by the way even the gearbox you can feel from the audio is lagged with power/torque drop when switching gears under full acceleration… HOW CAN THEY NOT MAKE an instant gear change like the VW group has been doing with DSG/S-tronic from 2003, it just takes one clutch closing just as the other opens up

  2. Sorry, but i stopped watching the video at it's beginning by how thrilled and exited the reporter looked… just killed all the vibe, and it's not the first time it happens =/

  3. Chris Harris = "A45S. Most disappointing modern AMG I’ve driven. Understeers on the way in, with fake ‘drift mode’ oversteer on exit. So it’s never neutral. Brakes lasted half a lap. Ride choppy on the road with severe tyre noise. Built to please influencers on a launch event, which I gather it did."

  4. Can Matt Prior show any less excitement and enthusiasm in his commentary…..it sounds like he is driving around in a Toyota Camry and reciting his grocery shopping list in a listless, flat monotone……I am sure he knows his stuff but he is just so boring to listen to….compare and contrast to Chris 'Monkey' Harris.

  5. I like that Merc seems to have improved the chassis and driveability of this new model, but I would be SO annoyed by a car bonging at me all the time. And when you have lots of modes for everything you do need a single button like the ‘M’ button on BMW M models.

  6. Appart from looking like a Seat costing half what this does, I just can't get past that 'dashboard' – hideous, just hideous. Looks like a giant iphone bolted on – it's not even integrated into the dash. Looks like an after thought. Based on that alone, I wouldn't buy this car and the plastics and controls all look cheap too. I couldn't care less how it drives, as 95% of the time it's a car you drive from A to B and sitting in that cabin would make me feel very short changed from my £50k. Oh and don't get me started on the fake exhaust tips… RS3, M2 Comp or even a TT RS Audi Sport Ed. (what I have) way, WAY better.

  7. Restaurants should also decide which menu item is the best and get rid of all the other items. Hell, why are there different cars? Shouldn’t there be just the one best car?

  8. But that’s the thing. There isn’t one best mode. It depends on the road, the condtions, the tires, the driver… even the driver’s mood. Reviewers who complain about too many modes sound very unsophisticated indeed.


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