5 Times Deontay Wilder SHOCKED The Boxing World

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Deontay Wilder looks to secure his 40th knockout victory this weekend, against Dominic Breazeale. From a bout that brings drama, bad blood and an opportunity to send a statement to the rest of the division.. Here we look at five times Deontay Wilder shook the boxing world.

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Comment (27)

  1. I hate watching Wilder fight! He throws every punch looping hoping it hits behind the ear. That's how he racks up KO's. Its dirty. I want to see him knock someone out with a straight to the face. Not a telegraphed hook behind the ear.

  2. He couldn't even beat a half fit fury the only fighter he's faced with any current skill. All has beens and will never be's. He's about to be battered by both fury and Joshua. He just doesn't want to admit it.

  3. He’s obviously good but one thing I don’t like about him are his punches. It looks like he’s just swinging his arms around. No form at all. But hey, it’s working so ig😭


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