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We are not sure why 500cc two-strokes are making a comeback. Maybe it is because Americans tend to want what they can’t have. There is not one manufacturer on planet Earth that produces a 500cc two-stroke engine that is meant to be shoehorned into a dirt bike chassis. And there is good reason. If you haven’t ridden a 500cc smoker before, don’t start now—unless you need a quick shot of adrenaline to jump-start your heart. But, we do know two groups of guys who are 500cc two-stroke crazy. Why do they like these big displacement engines so much? Maybe it is because they are stuck in the 1990s. Or, maybe it’s because they have a few screws loose. Whatever the case, MXA is glad they have such a passion for these archaic engines that they insisted on building MXA two exotic 500cc smokers, both in 2016 KTM 250SXF chassis’. The kicker? One is powered by a Honda CR500 engine and the other by a KX500 engine. Adam Millar, who owns Millar Racing Engineering (MRE) in Canada, is a diehard CR500 guy—and you can guess which bike he built. The second group of 500 loonies are KX500 aficionados who call themselves KX Guru Racing. You’d think that they would share a common bond, but instead they have a love/hate relationship. They both think they know which antiquated engine is better than the other, and who can build the best version of a modern 500cc motocross bike. Which is where MXA came into the picture; they asked the MXA wrecking crew to settle the argument. It was a classic 500cc build-off.

Full Test: https://motocrossactionmag.com/dr-jekyll-mr-hyde-shootout/

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