7 Most Banned and Dangerous Dogs Around In the World

Man’s best friend, his canine companion, what’s not to love about dogs!? They’re loyal, kind, and just so darn cute! Unfortunately, though, there are certain …

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  1. im at both ends of the pitbull debate and i believe everone is right,they are the sweetest dog and they are killers.I had one named Nashville ,Nash was one the greatest dogs iv ever had never hurt anybody,raised in pure love,never abused from day one,but i seen him protect the backyard and that sweetness can filp in a blink.And then just recently i had to pick up my cat Stromy off the next door front lawn,guess what kind dog killed it,and i knew the dog from 3 houses down.They are natural born killers,the programing is there no matter how you raised them.They may not show it but it is there.

  2. Some dog breeds are aggressive to another dogs and even humans. Socialization and training doesn't always work because it's in their genes and their nature. Humans bred them to be like that. But for example labradors, even the stupidest owner on the world can't make labrador aggressive or mad because they are so friendly and social.

  3. I got a lab and pit mix named teddy bear and my two nephew's can walk up to his food and stick their hands in his food dish and he will not bite or go after them he will just let them take hand fulls of his food and let them walk off with it and my 2 year old nephew can walk up to him and set on him and he just lays there

  4. The Rottweiler Its not banned in Romania. What are you talking about ? I see one on the street almost everyday 😂
    They are labelled as dangerous dogs in Romania. And they need to be walked with a leash and muzzle .
    But they are not banned.

  5. The Rottweiler is not banned in Ireland 😂 there are 3 in my estate. 2 of my friends have them. They're extremely common, top 5 most common dogs seen here, if not top 5 definitely top 10.

  6. pit bulls are not allowed in miami? thank god guns are allowed. And i own a rottweiler he is not aggressive at all, he wants to play all the time and when i have visitors than he wants to play with them also.. it´s all about the training. Dogs are guns if you train them to be.


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