A Snowboarding Progression Video

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  1. I know you’re probably annoyed with people giving all these tips, but here’s another one: When you’re doing frontside 360s, try and land with your head facing the knuckle, helps spot your landing easier and stops your rotation so you don’t wash out. Also, pop harder off the takeoff, and bring tho snowboard up to your hand for a grab, it should come really natural with a solid pop.

  2. Awesome man! I've uploaded a video from our trip to Frech alps as well. The only thing I managed to do is a back side 180 and front side 180. Can't wait for the next time to try some other stuff!

  3. dude when you do spins, look around, like your feet is turning not your body so it's out of ax, you've got to turn the upper body instead of your feet that way you will spin more correctly and more easy to control and is more comfortable.

  4. 3:46 just some advice, when your snowboarding your shoulders should stay square with your board, i’ve noticed that your shoulders are open almost always, and this is really bad technique because your balance will be off and also the support won’t be good. So just keep your shoulders square to your board is all I wanted to say.

  5. Nice vid men,
    When you started doing tricks, were you good riding switch ? I’d really like to do tricks but I must abmit I really suck on switch, I don’t really if I should practice first switch or maybe start a couple tricks

  6. I really want to progess but its such a hassle. My parents don't have the money and of course i don't. At least i have a board but its old and needs sharpening and waxing. My friends dad has a club but i don't want to go because its a hassle. I won't get to in depth i just hope i get a good job in the future so i can progess.


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