A Variety Of Wildlife!

Here’s a compilation of videos from a few different camera spots, over the last couple of months in the Angeles National Forest.

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  1. That chonky bear is Tiny Tim – he has a club foot! That black bear at 3:10 is gorgeous. That poor mama bear, I hope her cubs are ok and she's just skinny because she was feeding them. Love seeing the cat parade, every day a different cat, then a bear! Thanks for these videos, I love seeing all the pretty wildlife out where they belong doing their thing.

  2. I liked seeing the wooden tripod the new setup was on. Good idea! Much more camouflaged than a metal one. And the bear at 2:30 looks thinner than the other bears. I wonder if it was a nursing female, as I think I saw a tit when it got close to the camera. If so, were were her cubs? And did she knock over that great wooden tripod?

  3. Great footage. One of the things I miss most about the US, is the large amount of space without people in it πŸ™‚ Lots and lots of wildlife around, with people living with and around them just fine, and not getting hysterical about it.


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