Alienware’s CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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  2. Actually its an old way to look at laptops. lol you are to young to remember i guess.

    Dell Compac and Spector had video upgradeable laptops and much more.

    Used to be able to swap out CD/DVD, batteries and HD from one slot. i personally beta tested and sold laptops that had a Primary HD… Plus 2 slots that swapped out the above hardware. Of course WiFi, memory upgrade, PCMCIA IV slot or 2x PCMCIA type III, upgradable CPU and Video.

    This was way back when we actually magazines with pricing and sales. Yep back when we read off paper.

    i think i stall have a few Pre 2000 issues laying around.

    Oh yeah dont forget SCSI II and Parallel for printers and 4 USB.

    Free trade and Politics killed the laptop. it boiled Laptops and tech down to a minimalist world. the Common Lemming dictated demand and customizable laptops went away for almost 15 years with rare exceptions.

    Glad Dell got its head out its .. @$$.

    ps i know my grammar sucks, gives something for the snowflakes.

  3. lol how to destroy an Alienware in 5m flat, but seriously I had 2 Alienware and they were bulletproof, however, it was the fact the GPUS were out of date that killed them as a gaming unit. this is a really smart move by Alienware.

  4. I had a horrible experience with an old Dell XPS M1730 laptop many moons ago, and Dell vehemently denied overheating problems with that machine.

    People had their laptop gpu's replaced over and over and over again, but according to Dell "Theres no manufacturer defect"

    Never again.


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