Android 10 is here and I like it.

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Android 10 is the new name for Android Q – we take a look at the best new features of Android 10, and ruminate on what it means to be an Android. Do you dream of electric sheep? Pff. Who knows?

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Comment (49)

  1. screen record is not on my brother's phone but it does on mine, different device tho but he got the update first but he doesnt have the screen record option

  2. 6:38 iOS did that arguably better. If you’re connected to a network, and another iOS device is trying to connect, it’ll send a pop up to the host’s device and they can choose whether to let them in or deny it. no scanning or sharing passwords required.

  3. Man as an iPhone user I appreciated the Dessert names.
    I remember during froyo, I guessed every years name till Q,
    I was hoping quiche….. well there goes my hard work

  4. Hi, I migrated from iPhone, and I am missing a feature here, not sure if I am doing something wrong.

    I want to disable all visual notification for whatsapp, just need the custom sound alert for whatsapp so I know a message has arrived in whatsapp while people looking at my phone will not see any visual alerts, just a custom tone. Is that available ?

  5. Yep, my Xiaomi MI A2 updated to android 10 and now anyone I call has a terrible echo on their end. The problem seems to be very common. I would love to have Android 9 back.


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