Audi A3 manchester police chase

Audi A3, on false plates chased around Longsight manchester about the case …

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  1. That Audi clearly has better acceleration than the police car.

    Lucky the officer had enough skill to make ground up in the corners even though police get taught the stupid way to drive. I don't know why that push and pull method is still around.

    When I'm PM, I'm sending police drivers to be taught at the old Silverstone circuit by Jenson Button.

  2. In Germany we say: if it becomes too dangerous, stop chasing! But I`m talking about a wet Autobahn at 260 KM/H , too fast for british Police cars…Jaguar is shit- when u got to know Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz….

  3. Uk; narrow streets, barley any guns, worst to happen (tased)
    Usa; open streets, shit ton of guns, worst to happen (shot in the forhead 17 fucking times)


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