Audi S3 2018 review – here's why it's the ultimate sleeper car

The Audi S3. There aren’t many other cars that can go so fast, so subtly. A 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine and four wheel drive means that it’s got epic …

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  1. Build quality is terrible on my 2017 S3…. window washer tank leaking and QI charger in armrest broken on delivery from new. Gearbox malfunction warning within 6 months then every few months after without fault fixed or found. Cruise control failing all the time as well as the start stop. Heated driving seat broke. Then finally engine management light… rejected the car as not fit for purpose.

  2. As a fast family car – the Sportback model is pretty good. As a hot hatch – not so good. Dead steering, awful passive suspension (get adaptive or regret it), a heavy feeling car in the corners that simply doesn't let the driver have any clue as to what the car is doing with that dead steering. You learn to have almost blind faith in its abilities rather than driving it to your limit (or it's limit) via feel and feedback. As a comparison to a Golf R (which I had for 2 years), there is no comparison in terms of feel and feedback – the Golf has it, the Audi doesn't. As a car to live with for day to day duties, its very good. Fits into day to day life and a truly excellent place to travel, if not very exciting to drive. I would suggest the Black Edition with technology pack as the minimum spec, but with the caveat that the active suspension is essential for the drivers out there. If you just want a refined, quality, rapid family car that eats miles, passive suspension will suffice, but it wont stir the soul when you hit the twisty bits. Don't expect great service from dealerships – they are at best patchy in my experience and not supplying a premium experience for the money or for the badge. I would have a Golf R again in a heartbeat, but would not have an S3 of this model again.

  3. Imagine that this thing dose 4.5 on a shitty weather
    Think of it doing on a dry suface
    Probably could achive around 4 seconds dead or 4.2..
    This thing is a beast audi rules car industry

  4. Claimed by audi 4.7
    Claim by mat 4.5
    Same story with the r8 v10 plus motor trend tested 2016-2018 model year
    Claimed by audi 3.2 claimed by motor trend 2.6 with a good launch and warm tire
    Who else here think that audi's are underestimating them selfs


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