Bad Instagram: Conspiracy Theories

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  1. To be fair to people, the US government literally named a project/system that’s extremely similar to the fictional Skynet, “Skynet.” So maybe they would name it mind control?

  2. The meme at 2:50 is kinda dumb lol but the idea behind it is pretty accurate. When the US went in there to give them “freedom” we really just stole their oil and fucked over the country.

  3. I know for a fact that time travel exists.
    It was invented in 2048, over a hundred years after Hitler started researching it, of which the American government procured the research after the war.
    The time travelers are always recognizable, due to the fact they all look like Tekashi six nine.
    Beware, you know the future.

  4. Am I the only who thinks that commentary channels are reactions channels with negative opinions. That must mean that commentary channels are a concept from the future where everybody is mad because the earth is flat and people's opinions were wrong this WHOLE time. TIME TRAVEL CONFIRMED 10000000000% CANCEL DANNY GONZALEZ #METOOEVENTHOIHAVENOPROOFTHATHESARAPIST


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