Behind The Scenes Of Villalobos Dog Rescues With Tia Torres | Pit Bulls & Parolees

Tia talks about how they decide on names for their new dogs at the rescue, and gives some behind the scenes details about some of the stories seen in the …

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  1. My husband has a knack for dog names. Our rescue cane corso puppy was named Grungle, when he hit 60kg it suited him beautifully. Our mastiff boxer cross bitch is called Skrophus, with her goofy wrinkly face it is a perfect fit.

  2. Rescuing animals is so satisfying even if its also extremly heartbreaking at times and hard work. You are lucky, that you work with your family and you are all on the same page. Because sadly in most Rescue Groups who work just with donations and volunteers, there always comes the point that some members are all about ego and that the ones who just work for the sake of the animals are get pushed out. It´s heartbreaking for the pushed out volunteers and the less animals can and will be helped. Been there, done that.

    Same thing, that most Rescue Groups are not willing to work together with other Groups because of ego and less animals can be helped, because of it. It sucks !!!!!

  3. okay dog people I adopted a rescue about eight weeks ago she's been severely abused and has no training whatsoever and because she's been so abused we are having a hard time figuring out how to potty train her tell we've tried all the basic things the common sense things a couple weird things and nothing is working at this point and I'm starting to think that it's psychological if there's anybody on this post that has input I would appreciate it greatly we have tried conventional potty training techniques conventional has not worked I will take her outside have her outside for 2 hours she will only go pedal and then the second we bring her in the house she darts off and poop somewhere like she will hold her poop for hours and the second we bring her back and she poops we even had a we have an old dog that we've had 17 years a female pitbull and we've tried everything and we are at a loss on how to potty train her and how to even approach it because of the severe physical abuse that she has suffered in her life already so if anybody has any ideas please help

  4. I'm a film student and I would LOVE to be a camera operator for a show like this. also, what she says about the sound debt is totally true, just because the cameras are off doesn't mean the mixer can't hear you ;p


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