Bella Thorne: Makes $2 MILLION for Adult Content, Then FAILS

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos everyday. Bella Thorne used her OnlyFans account to make millions, however, this story has much …

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  1. I didn't know wth but my feed got all about her and had to check wtf is going on so the problem is (from commentaries I saw) she said she will show nudes(I'm unsure if that ones), she didn't show nudes but some typical instagram bikini photos so ppl got rightfully mad
    also paying 200$ for nudes 🤣
    4:59 exactly 😂

  2. Awesome segment! Whoopi was on Star Trek, so that is why she has that thread. Nice picture of Bella. She looks like Gozer in Ghostbsters. Remember the ”frappening” in 2009 or so? Jennifer Lawrence does. Celebrities!!! Heed Whoopi’s and Michael’s words.

  3. I think you’re wrong on this one bro. Everything on the internet is hackable maybe. But bank information and a lot of stuff is tried to be kept private. People pay to use the internet sometimes and service providers perhaps tell their customers it’s safe but it’s technically hackable

  4. Pornography is not pro-sex. It is degrading, addictive and exploitative. Most main stream distributors host content that is violent, racist and often non-consensual. It is a disgusting, damaging industry and it needs to be called out and torn down.

  5. Sad thing is that when they are washed up, they go downhill and become porn stars meanwhile former coworkers like zendaya find success and don't go down that dark route.

  6. My head damn near just exploded at the 6 minute mark. So is Bella Thorne really truly trying to say that she did the onlyfans thing in order to bring social justice to it? To remove all the stigmas? Hahahahaha Yep…she's just a virtuous activist going under cover to righteously remove the stigmas. Ok ok ok I see what is happening here. She is the one that is going to be the one that gets the Hollywood Ball rolling in having mainstream theatre movies to contain actual porn scenes.


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