Best Exotic Cars For $ 100,000

Best Exotic Cars For $ 100000 ExoticCar PlayPlace’s favourite exotic or premium sports car that you can purchase on the used car market for $ 100000 or less.

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  1. “Modern exotic” is a useless term. It’s either exotic or it’s not. Porsche is so omni present on the road I’m not sure they can even be called exotic. 911 Turbos, Carrara GT and GT3 fall into a Supercar class. No Audi R8 ($70K)? Next video? Too basic not exotic enough but Porsche is… that’s silly.

  2. You need to show more emotion, you look so dead inside and drained of energy, I feel like I'm staring into a bottomless pit when I look into your eyes, also I recommend blinking.

  3. you're stupid, how the hell is a dodge viper an exotic car? It's made in USA by Dodge… exotic is like Europe, South America, and other places where the cars are super luxurious and not designed in the USA.


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