BIZARRE Intel Core i7 from CHINA for $100!!

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Comment (24)

  1. It was explained long time ago with similar CPUs under your videos. You have some overproduction. In case of desktops they are just kept and sold on differenc auctions. This way you can still upgrade old machine with cheap, good CPU that is too old for new machines but still perfect for older/budget setups. But what in case of laptops? Who would replace soldered CPU on his laptop? Barely anyone. You just buy new one with new CPU. So what would you do with leftover CPUs for mobile use? You solder them to adapter board and make desktop CPU out of that. Yay! Mistery solved.
    Regarding compatibility, it's more matter of socket. They won't tell you "4720HQ compatible" because you can't put it in the socket. It does not mean that chipset and other stuff won't work. After all this is almost the same CPU as desktop one, so technically they are supporter, they just can't fit there. At least until now!

  2. China can do anything 🤣😂🤣😂
    Have u ever heard about
    Other countries have electrical engineering electronic engineering computer engineering all types of engineering.
    But china have one more engineering course.
    And that is "copy engineering".

  3. Intel Core i7 4720HQ is almost same as Intel core i7 4770K but, the main problem is laptop's cooling isn't good as desktop cooling. That's why when CPU getting hot, CPU got thermal throttling at full load and it decrease performance because CPU decrease core frequency automatically to protect itself from extreme hot temperatures.

  4. Dude, Intel Core i7 4770K works at 3.9 GHz but, Intel Core i7 4720HQ works at 3.6 GHz for Single core and work at 3.4 GHz for multi-cores. That's why there is performance differences a little bit.

  5. 😎😎you dont know all the pc parts are made in china?original and fake all are made in china…accept it china owns the manufactory electronic parts and gadgets😎😎😎😎😎

  6. 150 dollars for the i7-4700hq, 30 dollars msi h81 motherboard, 20 dollars for 16 gigs ddr3 1600 mhz, free Old Zalman 7000cd CPU cooler with a 4 dollar socket 1155 bracket = 204 Canadian dollars. The Zalman cooler actually fits the raised heat spreader perfectly! Pretty decent little computer.


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