Blue Ash Police Chases Suspect, Shoots Dead

(The Weekly Vice) — An Ohio man leads the Blue Ash Ohio Police Department on a high speed chase Aug. 2007 that continues despite collisions with patrol …

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  1. Here's a good idea: If you don't wanna get shot by a cop, don't do illegal shit. If you wanna do illegal shit, accept the risks that come with it. If everybody that ran from the cops got shot, we wouldn't be paying for their upkeep in prison.

  2. "Taking him out" doesnt mean killing him. It means to disable the vehicle. Example is the PIT or stop sticks. In that officers case it was probably the PIT. You sounded really ignorant in your comment.

  3. "Just had a vehicle try to ram me" Fuck you pig… Obviously if he wanted to hit you he would have… Pigs fucking lie like this all the time and get away with it. Too bad this pig didnt die.

  4. He was on the bonnet of the car, presumably trying to smash the wind screen or climb across to the other side, perhaps he was simply trying to force the driver not to pull away again. As soon as he began to drive off with him on the bonnet he presented a huge risk the officer, the officer then shot and killed him as a result. Shit happens, he should have given up earlier, he wouldn't be fucking dead if he had.

  5. Could have been just some teen kid joy riding. I don't know. But the cop clearly wanted to "take him out".as he states so in dispatch. No genuine attempt to apprehend, looks like purely shoot to kill.

    Otherwise I guess a high speed chase = death penalty.

  6. @thecrystalbuds Officer Payne helped me a lot in sycamore high school, he is a man who deserves respect, he knows people make mistakes, the driver left him no choice, he did what he had to do, he's a great man

  7. All the jack-ass had to do was stop! Driving at high speeds he could have killed a family! If he would have hit, injured or killed one of your family members would be posting this??Why was he running? He got what he derserved & saved tax payers money!!!!

  8. This is fucking bullshit, Im from blue ash and I know the guy who died's step brother. This man did nothing to deserve this and they had no right to do what they did to him.


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