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On Saturday I drove down to San Diego to meet up with upwards of 500 BMX riders to take over the city of San Diego. Dakota Roche was at the helm, leading the pack and giving out cash to the shredders. In the end it was Boyd Hilder who won the coveted MVP Street Series Ring. Shouts to Tom Creasy at Monster, Dak, and everyone who made this a reality and came out to show support for this thing we call BMX. Peep the highlights to catch the vibes and some of ridiculous moves from Dak, Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow, Broc Raiford, Chad Kerley, Augie Simoncini, Josh Clemens, Boyd Hilder, Colin Varanyak, Matt Closson, and many many more.. Shouts to @FHawk90 for the car hop clip!

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  1. I still have an S&M War-pig frame that's over two decades old, Solid cranks(lifetime guarantee and heavy af. The arms don't even taper down to the peddle, they're squared, lol)with a 44-tooth Demolition sprocket(thickest sproket I've ever seen), Volume mad-dog bars(tiny) We-the-people fork, Sealed Chris King head set(was $375 over a decade ago and I shaved off some bulk from the top cup for my Gyro, only to end up riding breakless a month later, lol) Araya RBJ-1'S With Profile cassette hubs+Primo spokes, Primo casket stem, Chad Degroot grips with the mud-flap lady silhouette embossed, SNAFU bar-ends(corks I think) Primo meat-tenderizer pedals(the first model), Primo Viking seat clamp, Haro mini seat, primo?rod? seat post, DK pipe bomb pegs, and one of those oversized chains that look like a dirt-bike chain. I thought it was typical weight for the time…lol
    …and yes my wrists are now permanently fucked.
    …fuck I miss riding.

  2. good to see the sport is still strong , back in the days we calld it freestyling this was back in the late 70s,80s 90s no disrespect but this is not bmx ,bmx stand for bicycle moto cross freestyling sounds better but that is me????

  3. How the fuck all these suckers who bring all these kids out. They pay those they knew. And the rest fuck them as long as the bought a bike that’s it. The rest are just consumers and followers.

  4. At cube smart. I have been drug clean since January 14th and before that I was a drug addict in the streets, homeless. At cube smart.
    I have been working three weeks at a recycle yard staying off drugs and I have been needing a place to keep my tools, bike parts, tube amps and skateboard parts. At cube smart I was denied a 5×5 storage unit that I reserved on line. At cube smart I was denied the storage unit because I had showed up after work all dirty and tired. At cube smart I was treated like trash and was told at cube smart I was told…. by a manager, "I'm just making a judgement call we've had security problems and I could see you being a problem here. I expand I'm not homeless, I just got off work and I can afford to keep my stuff here. At cube smart I was describing and profiled against. At cube smart they are inhuman.

  5. Guys? Im from germany and wtf ist the problem from the american police? They arresting bmx kids??
    In germany something like that never will happend.. Because our police is very good and theyre doing their job and fighting criminals and not humans who have fun with their lifestyle or hobby..


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