Cases surge in Brazil +++ Can dogs sniff out COVID-19? | Coronavirus update

New figures show that Brazil now has the fourth largest outbreak of the coronavirus in the world. Nearly 240000 people are infected and more than 15000 have …

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  1. Of course this is all very serious, but the final thing the anchor says is pretty silly: "researchers say they need to see strong scientific evidence that this method does work before the virus sniffing dogs will be unleashed in airports and stations."

    Unleashed? That is literally the opposite of what they will do, and figuratively is not correct, either. Try 'deployed' next time, Mr. News Editor. (Yes, I know this is petty, but idiotic statements by news anchors and experts drive me crazy.)

  2. If the dog sniffs covid…. the dog would become infected with covid. I don’t understand human logic anymore. The canine is mans best friend, so why would we do that?

  3. I love dogs. Although I'm glad I don't have one right now because I live in NYC in an apartment building and taking the dog in and out every day would feel like a huge burden and liability since the dog could get the virus and pass it on to me.

  4. How many dogs you need for 240 millions people that is only in one country on top of that some countries eat the dog itself maybe it works places like airports , stadiums and theatres . Thanks

  5. there is one to blame, and is the most ignorant man in the world. Jair Bolsonaro. this man should nt be there long time ago, and will lead a nation to the grave.

  6. So the dog and the trainor will be handling a live Covid virus?
    How can they compare the smell of Covid without first letting the dog sniff it, and then what will happen to the dog after sniffing it? The dog get infected and die…

    Very smart thinking..

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  8. Spanish Flu,not even originated in Spain,but called after Spain
    whereas coronavirus originated in china,& still presented with different name..DW is deleting my comments on china,this is the level of freedom of expression of this German channel.


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