Wow, Chad Kerley bangs you over the head for nearly 5-minutes in this new HEATER from Haro Bikes. Chad’s technical skill has been obvious for a while, but he’s still constantly progressing that skill, as well as improving his taste for trick and spot selection. But don’t keep reading this, hit that play button.

“Chad Kerley sets a new standard for himself with this flat out amazing street edit for Haro BMX. People are picking their jaws up off the floor after watching this edit so don’t wait another minute, hit play and find out why!” – Haro

Filmed by Christian Rigal

Edited by Christian Rigal

Music – Sugar Candy Mountain
Song 1: Windows
Song 2: Change
Album: 666

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Comment (34)

  1. Even with 75 barspins this was still a hell of an edit. I’ve been riding off and on around 15 years and I can’t get myself to throw the bars into a grind. On a quarter pipe it’s not an issue, but I can’t bring myself to try a ledge or handrail. Any suggestions?

  2. BMX (bike moto cross)
    Muy talentoso el joven, esto del freestyle, tiene sus complicaciones. Lo felicito.
    Fundada por Bob Haro en 1978. Haro fué unos de los primeros pilotos en la disciplina del bmx en los skateparks, de hecho, se le conoce cómo el padre del freestyle. Muy buen equipo. Tengo una mountain bike 26" en aluminio con los cambios y acaesorios en shimano. Practico el ciclismo(aficionado) y aunque hay otras marcas q dan mucho de q hablar. Tengo mi equipo q ea muy bueno para lo q hago.
    Saludos desde Puerto Rico.


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