Copart Dodge Hellcat from Tall guy car reviews !

In this video another copart dodge hellcat for the dodge hellcat magnum build. The crazy thing is I found Cory of tall guy car reviews dodge hellcat on copart!

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  1. That would be legendary champ! You should definitely buy it dawg 😤💯🤝 it’ll be a big time leap of faith but it’ll definitely be an investment for your YouTube channel that’ll pay for itself in my opinion 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Oh hell yeah bro if you can make it happen go for it. Like Tallguy said it would be legendary especially if you take that engine and put it in the Magnum. I have a magnum myself so I would love to see that it's my first time to your channel as well. Definitely be watching to see what happened you get a chance come check out my channel blessings to you and your mission

  3. If it goes to $30k, smart money says move on. No matter the history, it’s become a salvage car. You’d never get your money back. If you can’t stand to lose the money, I’d back down.

  4. Bruh get it!!! Like slim'll pay itself in a month all the traffic that's gunnar come ur way just because it's slims hellkeezy trust us g squad Bruh I already subed and I literally only clicked cuz it said slims hellcat

  5. I loved that car too got me thru 12 hr shifts at night watching videos of this car I wanted it too but got talked out of making a go of it I hope you get it and bring Hellkeazy back my friends wife after watching hellkeazy videos told him she wanted a Hellcat he was floored don't know if he will get one but this is a special car Go For It!!!

  6. Rebuild the Hellcat it'll be cheaper then ripping out the internals Corey car will be a super easy build he had an accident going no more than 30 miles per hour the airbags did not deployed the interior is meant I can't see the car being ripped apart good luck I will love to see you have this car

  7. I’m almost positive that the swap won’t work out to well or will cost you close to what one would cost new, the modern technology on them is way to complicated to do a swap like this I think it’s been talked about on many and many of forums but not one has been done

  8. Bro swaping a hellcat engine onto a old magnum is a lot of work holy man everything needs to be redone full car wires from heat to toe your better off just rebuilding the hellcat bro, going to cost you way to much to do the swap, I don’t think it’s even possible but hey try would be super sick

  9. It will be worth it tho because think about it, he bought that car for 70k and plus those modes he put on them was about 50k or more I could be wrong so that’s about 100k+++. So if you are only paying 30k for that.. it will be worth it cause you will win that money back from the videos you make on that car.


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