Crazy horse race!

All was calm at the start of the Star Sports Novice Handicap Chase at Towcester, but that wasn’t to last for too long… Of the six runners, only two finished thanks …

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  1. Considering how many spills happen in steeplechase, it's a marvel that there aren't more injuries.  Credit the riders, who know how to fall and roll/fall and crouch to protect themselves.  As well, the loose horses, though they enjoy following along with their friends, usually stay to the outside, out of the way – unlike this one, which stayed right in the thick and caused a risk to the others.  I laugh at the way most loose horses in jump races keep up, but cheat by skipping the fences, making it easier on themselves.

  2. Jockey in yellow should be punished for blatantly hindering another riders jump to the point he fell off. In derby racing even if you cross the finish first, you're disqualified for hindering another's run by cutting them off. It's super dangerous and could get someone killed


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