Dashcam Shows Fatal Crash During Police Chase in Chicago

Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** A police chase that began in Tinley Park ended violently in …

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  1. It's great that they caught the bad guys and all, but let's be real about a couple of things here. The cops were running 60+ mph down residential roads in the summer time when kids are all out of school, not to mention the school they blew by going that speed while running stop signs. And let's be real about another thing… the police SUV that t-boned the getaway car… that was a 100% blind crash. Those cops were going at least 60mph and just blasted into that intersection, accidentally t-boning that getaway car. That could have been an innocent civilian at any one of the 100 intersections they blew through at full speed. And they ended up crashing into a civilians front porch. They are absolutely lucky that they didn't kill somebody during this whole ordeal. I'm not saying they are in the wrong necessarily, but this was absolutely reckless on their part. It goes double for the criminals and their driving. I assume school is out for the summer in Chicago, and this was in July. All it would take is one kid to step out into those streets and this would have ended completely different. It was only by pure luck that no civilians were injured or killed.

  2. Jeez! I understand the Illinois State Troopers and their reaction to seeing their brothers in the Chicago Police Department take a hit like that. That was horrible. Thank God the officers were alright after their unmarked unit got slammed like that and the troopers immediately called for reinforcements, Chicago Fire Department, and EMS. The suspects were not as lucky with two dead and the other two facing some serious prison time.

  3. Arresting dead bodies fuck if there okay put hand cuffs on ..Fuvk if there okay are alive put hand cuffs on them lol.. Get the rescue an fire to help the cops first the other ppl can die fuck umm

  4. They did Did a blood test on cops after they were involved in cases like this and they had the same amount of adrenaline flowing through their blood that fighter pilots had in Vietnam after they were done surviving a dog fight


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