Demodex in Herding Dogs

Puppy mange or demodectic mange in a herding dog!

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  1. I have always given my herding dogs and livestock Neem Oil, to kill both types of mange. 10 year vet tech. Works every time and is natural! Costs under $10 to treat. I slather the Neem Oil all over the affected areas and give a wide margin so the little critters don't run off to new skin.
    We use it orally, topically and for the eye. I buy neem oil by the 5 gallons for ALL our ranch animals and we even use it on ourselves 😉
    You could get away with using a heavy fatty oil, but Neem has superpowers !

  2. Hi Dr. Greg! I have a 1 year old chihuahua/toy fox terrier mix and she is having sever neck and or back pain… we went to the vet and they gave us pain killers and steroids to fix it. She has been resting all day and just tonight we gave her some water and another dose of the pain meds… She was in so much pain that she stayed standing up and wouldn't move. So we tried lifting her up to see if she needed to go to the bathroom.(pee pad right next to her) She yelped like I've never heard before so we immediately set her back into her bed… Do we continue giving her these meds and giving her rest? How long will this last? Do you have any tips on what I could do differently? I am trying to contact you about this because my family doesn't have enough for her to go under surgical procedure. Any way if you could get back to me that would be wonderful! Thanks!

  3. Hi Dr. Martinez, I have a question about my Pekingese weighs 16 pounds and just had her anal glands expressed a couple weeks ago because I noticed her scooting her bottom on the floor and licking her mouth. Immediately googled it and the first thing i read was about anal glands being full so I took her in to the vet. But even before I took her in she didn't have a "fishy smell" so I decided to take her anyway. Almost three weeks since her Anal gland expression she's still scooting her bottom, researched it again and now it says she might have tape worm. I know the vet will charge me a ton and I don't work at the moment (College student). Can I buy the antibiotics for the infection to kill tape worm online? I got her bravecto witch I was charged twice the price at the vet. Something that will help her???? Thank you!

  4. My dog had surgery for stones and we didn't get them analyzed, she has been doing fine for awhile but she is now passing blood clots in her urine, we will be taking her back to the vet but is there something you suggest, our vet is a smalltown older vet, very nice man, but wondering if you had an opinion?

  5. This was very interesting. When we got our puppy since she was supposed to be a cattle dog (herding dog and has white feet) we did a DNA study just in case we would ever have to use any of these drugs on her. It turned out that she was not carrying the gene for MultiDrug Sensitivity. The test was not that expensive and suggested by our vet as something we might want to consider. We are very glad we did. We also found out exactly what breeds she was too as an added bonus 🙂


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