DOG BRAIN TEASERS! (Super Cooper Sunday #73)

Thumbs up if you smiled during the video 😀 ○ T-REX SUIT PRANK (Last Episode): ○ More Super Cooper videos: …

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  1. I love Cooper and Koda they are the cutest dogs I have ever seen. I have watched every single super cooper Sunday and I have liked every video so Trevor could you reply to my comment please . Thank you Trevor and Chelsea.

  2. Question 1.) I spotted the box of candles… Do y'all love them or hate them?
    Question 2.) What are y'all doing for Fathers Day? (Fur babies absolutely count 1,000% !) We would love to know what 🐶Cooper & Koda 🐶 are planning for dad.
    *talking about dad, just wanted you to know Great Pyrenees are FANTASTIC with babies! 😉


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