Dog Thoughts

A new invention leads to a thrilling discovery! Starring Tanner Rittenhouse Jacob Andrews Wyatt Crew Cinematography – Taylor Russ Sound Design – Kevin …

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  1. Make a video about how all this shit started and what you’re doing now. We would all love to know. You’re a comedy god just wandering in the wilderness. You need to be on Netflix.

  2. I saw a glimpse of one of your videos the other day in a corridor crew video, I’ve been binging your stuff since, going as far back as 2006 and loved it and this is the most recent one I saw and fck this is amazing, the sound design is incredible, your vids have the best stories, acting and complexity to anything else I’ve seen, Cherdley cuts close, I would love to see you guys make a movie or short film with a proper budget.


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