Down Unweighted Snowboard Turns

Down Unweighted Snowboard Turns will completely change your riding. This is an advanced snowboarding turn, well more correctly it is actually just the edge change, the turn itself can be any size or shape. They are a really quick edge changes and are the perfect type of turn to use in steep, bumpy, and off piste conditions. However you can also bring them into your carved turns or anywhere across the mountain for that matter. By dropping your center of mass towards the floor at the edge change you release the pressure coming up through the board, this allows for a rapid edge change but crucially it puts you in a strong position right at the start of the turn where you can then push back out against the board, tightening up your turn radius. If you have any snowboarding tutorials you’d like to see me make then let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Excellent analysis!! Hands down best snowboard video I’ve seen in a long time. Your explanation is on point and easy to visualize especially with the slow mo part when you’re trying to emphasize your point. I just subscribed to your channel and gave your video big thumbs up. Great music too, Keep it going man!

  2. You've got great style fella.. and give really good, clear instruction.. that's exactly as I learned it with CASI in '07.. there isn't a much better feeling than pushing out hard and getting popped out of a carve into a little air before landing on the other edge and whipping into the next carve, eh? – as fun as deep pow turns to me..

  3. Unweighting makes so much sense, can’t believe I never thought of this! I’ve used pivoting for quick edge turns but this looks and sounds a far better way. Shame we’ve all gotta wait until next season to put into practice 🤨 Thanks for all the vids mate, they’re saving me loads in lesson fees 😆👍🏻

  4. Yes, thats my favorite technique for medium to high speed fast turns. Super fun and it feels like you are using your whole body like abs etc. when riding this style. But puts a good burn on your upper legs. Love you style of presentation, very nice breakdown.

  5. I would call myself an above average rider skill wise but watching your videos teach me so many things about riding that I didn't know I needed and reasons behind movements I've never thought of! Great videos!

  6. You should sponsor Ryan Knapton to visit you for a week next season, I reckon you guys would ride well together. Plus it would be mutually beneficial to your channels.

  7. Great explanation! I've been riding for many weeks this season and feel like it's time to step it up for next year. This style of riding is really what should be the goal for next winter. It also seems like you can adopt much faster to irregularities on the slope. More in control in some way. I will keep this video in mind and watch it back when days will get shorter again 😉

  8. I love the way you describe being a passenger as a feeling of what downunweighting doesn’t feel like. Experimenting is part of the fun and I look forward to the next adventure in the series!

  9. Yeah boi this is the point where you really starts to change from being a passenger to driving your board, as previously discussed real game changer, i'm always dropping down-unweighting and up-unweighting, especially down, it's a necessary addiction to safe, stable and more controlled riding and also it feels so good to take control of the board that I do it for kicks even when I dont really have too 🤣🤣 !! Top advice !! 🤜🤛

  10. Excellent, clear instruction. I was taught these a few years back by a NZ instructor. My American friends think I'm mad when I mention down unweighted turns. Apparently they don't work over there😀

  11. still we have snow in korea.
    snow condition is not good for alpine boarder, but perfect for free stylers. slop has Lots of bumps, because it is melt down, much more like small ices.
    This video will help free stylers enjoy boarding more than they do now, rather than complaining snow condition.

  12. Can’t believe the resorts are closing down. I’m over at les deux alples waiting to see what flight I can get on. Bloody depressing after watching all these vids the past few months

  13. Again great video and tutorial Malcolm, I tried it right away today at the slope and I really felt like it immediately improved my riding. Good way to feel the edge through the turn as you can put more pressure to the edges because of extending the knees. I sometimes mixed it up with up unweighted turns (accidentally) and need to remind me every time I do a turn. But it’s getting better from time to time. Can I send you a video so you could check for technique ?

  14. Subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago and love all your videos! Your tutorials on how to improve snowboarding skills are the best. Thanks and keep up the great work! 🙂

  15. I've started doing those a few days before they closed the slopes and they really help! But now I have to stop crouching so much and start keeping my upper part straight, or my balance will be off for jumps 😅

  16. I've been practicing this type of turns for a few days in the mountains and it's an awesome feeling!
    I really like the way how you break it down and the example with the scales makes it so easy to understand the purpose of this movement!
    Great job! Great video! Great riding! 🙂

  17. Hey Malcolm I just wanted to say that I really appreciate finally finding good snowboarding coaching content on YouTube. I trained as a snowboard instructor in NZ nearly 20 years ago and I learned so much new stuff in that course about dynamic turns (as we called them), fall line edge changes, pedalling, board performance, turn initiation from the feet, movement across all three axes etc – but I've never really found any coaching videos that explained these topics. So much advice follows the 'steer by pointing where you want to go' approach which honestly is never going to get riders to the advanced level. Thanks for the great content!

  18. Another brilliant video. I am just so upset that I can't go to Austria anymore as the local tyron mayor finished season earlier due the blood coronavirus. Malcom, I know you run a masterclass in Alpe d'Huez France but I would suggest you to organaise one trip for summer season, somewhere in the south like Chile or whatever similar plans you got in mind to share this kindy of experience literally in the slopes. I would go easy 🙂


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