Dragons Den Peter Hopton Very PC Epic Fail PT1

Peter Hopton of Very PC fails miserably in the Dragons Den.

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  1. noticed how win 10 does this now ? we use less powerful pc's his bios programme is not worth that amount but clever not valuable.
    he overpitched this to us all . what he should have done is to take the brand up and invest in smaller tech . just as we see now in 2019.
    but this already existed then it was niche and the dragons lost out on the idea here . as his team could have bult the bios on everything we have now . just look at 8 ball overclocking champion on low power ? but the idea is teh same .
    these dragons are clueless not pc people but do use them all the time to run their buisnesses as we all may do soon enough .
    amazon is online and peter jones had a conflict of interest here too once again as he has this in mind and in place now in his own amazon company to replace the old tech he uses with a more profitable system for peter jones .
    so how does this fail ? it does not the dragons once again take out the little man ……… not very good .
    but thats buisness here today gone 2moro without a care in the world .

  2. Peter Jones is an idiot saying more power efficient PCs are pointless because he can use dumb terminals instead. Okay then I guess we don't need more fuel efficient cars either because bicycles exist.

  3. Just so y’all know this company is decent now but has a slightly different focus, looks like this guy Peter has gone and his brother has stepped in as director or atleast fronts as the leader on the website. They employ like 20 people


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