Dressed to the Nines: All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Happy Tuesday! This week we have a compilation dedicated people who think they are too stylish to fail! Submit your video and you could win $1000! Submit …

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  1. It's been said over and over in the comments: "don't mess with the formula" but you didn't listen, now this channel is losing thousands of subs everyday. Ditch the goofy music and stop doing so many 'themed videos'. Operating this cash cow does not require you to "grow" or "evolve" as a company; just post fail videos and make money. Or keep changing shit and end up like FailBlog.

  2. Falling into deep water with a wedding dress on can be fatal. A woman in Montreal drowned doing a photoshoot when the photographer asked her to jump into the lake. She couldn't tread water and started sinking to the bottom. They dove in to try and save her but the dress was so heavy with water they couldn't pull her up. She had just gotten married a few hours earlier. Trajic.


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