Drive a Nissan GT-R and Other Exotic Cars at Atlanta Motorsports Park with Xtreme Xperience

Driving Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, GA in a Nissan GT-R at the Supercar Track Xperience by Xtreme Xperience. Get behind the wheel of your …

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  1. Am I going to be stuck behind a FORD the whole time I am on the Track? YUCK!!
    I live near this track, and have ridden it on a Street motorcycle faster than that!
    I assume the Mustang is a "pace car" but if I cannot drive a "Supercar" any faster than what a Mustang can do…then I may as well just drive a Mustang…and not pay hundreds of dollars for 2 3/4 laps…
    I can see doing the first lap behind a Pace Car to show the "ideal" line and braking points… But either do the Pace Lap with another Supercar, or allow passing, or pull the Pace Car off the track…
    My last name is not Probst … but I think I could drive a Lambo or Ferrari faster than a Mustang!

  2. The GTR is amazing i drove it at Nola for the first time and I would not pick any other car [email protected] the cars are not limited you drive at your own pace i think it was because that is the pacer car plus there could be a pro driving the Mustang.  


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