Driven- 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0T AWD Car Review

The two-row Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is dead. Long live the Santa Fe. The 2019 model is now just Santa Fe again, no Sport. The fourth generation Santa Fe is …

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  1. I left the car at night and i knew there was no one inside, then the car alarm started blowing and indicated that someone was in. I looked inside but nobody, and i stopped it. Minutes later, whiles i was in the house, the alarm started but still no one was inside. Then i set my cctv camera to watch the car. Then the alarm went on again whiles i was in the house. So l looked at the cctv camera and what i didn't expect to see sent chills down my spine, a ghost.

  2. Thanks Tom for another excellent review. Perhaps you can drive a 2.4 around Queen Anne hill and up to Snoquolmie pass for a better take on that models engine.
    ‘Nice to see the spare hiding down below too.
    If your readers will check out the IIHS site they’ll see that this new model with its unique LED headlights outshines the competition.

  3. Ok I just looked at my MPG for my 2019 Ultimate Turbo front wheel drive I have 2333 miles on it bought it with 7 miles and I have NOT reset the trip mileage since I bought it and today it read 27.9 MPG

  4. Hyundai and Kia seem to be playing an interesting marketing game with their "related" brands. Several models appear to target similar market segments while differing enough to appeal to distinct sets of consumers. (Kia Stinger vs. Genesis G70. Kia Forte vs Hyundai Elantra, etc.) The Santa Fe vs Sorento comparison is an especially intriguing one. On one hand the Santa Fe falls naturally in the two row compact SUV segment while the Sorento is clearly a three row midsize vehicle. But the Santa Fe is the largest of the compact crowd while the Sorento is among the most compact of the three row category. In overall length they're nearly the same size (187.8 vs 189 inches).

    In terms of components and internal features/design, the two vehicles are very similar. In fact, anyone familiar with the top trim (SX-L) Sorento will find the Santa Fe Ultimate shares many of the same components. (e.g. infotainment system, control placement, locking center differential, 110 volt outlet, acoustic glass, etc.) By the same token the two vehicles differ in significant ways. The Santa Fe offers a turbo 4 cylinder engine; Kia has dropped that option making the upper trim Sorentos a V6 vehicle. Likewise, KIA has dropped the two row version of the Sorento while the Santa Fe is available only with two rows.

    All in all, Kia and Hyundai seem to have a coordinated strategy aiming at a "Goldilocks" sweet spot for each vehicle. A nearly midsize compact crossover on one hand and a compact three row midsize crossover on the other. Take your choice. The related Korean manufacturers win either way.

  5. Cant wait to get one in my garage real soon!   2.4 SE with FWD ….Luv the styling, both inside and out. Under $27k I consider a super  deal. I'll save thousands under the price of other Suvs and use the money saved for  gas…


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