Driver involved in police chase dials 999 and the rest is history

Erm… this isn’t how it works. Chancer involved in a police chase in Newcastle dials 999 and falsely claims he has a child in the car. “He was arrested and …

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  1. That little corsa can take off.. heard the police car .. good advertising for an old corsa .. and I bet he is a fat barst lol all keeeèeeeeebab meat and beer .. with a miner ……….. on board … also drunk and slagging off MAGGIE … LOL . HE DIDN'T SPELL IT .. HE SAID IT .. MINOR .. MINER .. MINERS LIVES MATTER ..

  2. That is an excellent example of failing to stop. The guy must be ill surely. People are under pressure in the UK. The last few months have been difficult for the vast majority.

  3. we can tell exacly the political brainwashing direction some of these replies are from …. errr the guy threatened to drive off a bridge with a child in his car …. what dont you morons understand ?
    the pit maneuver, intentionally turning a car around to stop it by turning into the rear corner of the car … thats standard practise …. but oh no he should of just been allowed to drive off for the "childs safety" hmmm but anyone else that could be injured is just collateral damage ….. keep your BS anti police politics in the US.


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