Drunk Monkeys Fail – Weird Nature

See Lemurs that take drugs and get high – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LwQ0ZiTYkQ 300 years ago vervet monkeys were brought into the island of St.

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  1. Like with the dolphins getting high on puffer fish, fantastic footage, John Downer Productions! Animals that intentionally consume intoxicants has always been something I've found fascinating, yet you guys have captured a lot of behavior I've never seen elsewhere. Keep up the great work (quite enjoyed your "Spy in the Wild" shows on PBS' "Nature" in the U.S. too!).

  2. I remember when I was a way I sat down with a Fanta lemon and coke from the bar waiting for my mate to come back from the toilet

    A monkey came and just straight up drank the Fanta knowing the coke was mine some how I could tell by his face

    The monkey sat there for some time sipping through a straw

    Until I decided to light the rest of our previous joint from before we decided to sit down and get a drink

    The monkey wanted some he gestured (FYI) I was already stoned and had a bit of heat stroke

    He smoked the entire thing after me an just sort of sat there laying down he slowly grabbed the remaining of my coke i let him because they pull he had definitely gave the poor guy dry mouth

    My mate came back from the toilet angry because I let a monkey drink his drink & smoke the rest of his half of a joint ☹️


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